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Sunday nights can claim ownership by Michael Gardner and Louis Oliver of Headliner Market Group, as they bring you what is now known as “LIV on Sunday” (in our best Lil Wayne voice) at LIV nightclub inside the Fontainebleau hotel. Their celebrity based Sunday once home to the famous Forge restaurant, has moved to South Beach’s biggest venue LIV nightclub. With no shortage of athletes, movie-stars, famous MC’s and celebrity performances, Imagine Sundays brings you a night unlike any other party LIV offers. This night has been known as the best hip-hop party!

Now you must be wondering how do I get into the best Sunday party Miami Beach has to offer?

With such high demand for this party the best , and maybe the only way to get in is with one of our VIP packages.

Prices for Liv on Sunday is $140 for ladies and $160 for guys. There is a required $20 deposit for ladies and a $40 deposit for guys to reserve your ticket. You'll get escorted priority entrance,We take care the hassle of dealing with the long lines and the bouncers.

Prices for Liv Wednesday through Saturday is $80, price includes 2hrs open bar, party-bus/ limo transportation to LIV and express vip entrance ,no lines, no cover.

Call or email today to get your LIV ON SUNDAY TICKET. 305-458-3795 Email -

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