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Liv Miami Nightclub tickets

LIV Miami Nightclub tickets

Our Liv Miami nightclub tickets and nightclub packages are amazing. We have packages for Liv and many other Miami Beach clubs. Getting into Liv or any of the best clubs in South Beach is a not a very easy as you my have heard. We have created the perfect nightclub package to make sure you have an amazing time in the South Beach nightlife and best of all you wont have to wait in long lines or even have to deal with the bouncers, Elite Miami Ent will take care of all that for you.

Here's what is included with our Liv nightclub tickets.

  1. 2hr Open bar from 9;30-11:30 at Ocean’s Ten (960 Ocean Dr.)

  2. Party Bus transfer to LIV Miami

  3. Express Nightclub Admission ( No lines, No waiting, Admission included)

Package total is $69.99 for Ladies and $79.99 for Guys. Prices are valid for Wednesday-Friday. For any other days (Saturday & Sunday) please contact us for pricing.

Ticket prices can change depending on the night of the week and nightclub event.

To Check availability contact us through email or call 305-458-3795

You can also purchase your Liv Miami Nightclub tickets by clicking here.

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