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We offer South Beach Miami VIP Services to all the best nightclubs including Liv nightclub, Story nightclub, Ora nightclub, Nikki Beach Club, Basement nightclub, Dream nightclub, Cameo nightclub, Trade nightclub, King Of Diamonds and many more. Our Miami nightclub party packages are very popular and in huge demand. The premium nightclub party packages include a 2 hour pre-party open bar at a trendy lounge in South Beach, one way limo transfer from the open bar lounge to the nightclub of your preference, hosted no wait club entry with the club admission is included in the package price. The most popular nightclubs in Miami are hard to get into with crowds that are 20 to 30 people deep at the door. You don’t want to spend your night waiting for hours hoping to get the doorman's attention. With our nightclub party package you and your friends will be walked straight into the club by our host right through the crowds and lines with no waiting or hassles at the door. The all inclusive party package price is normally $60.00 for girls and $80.00 for guys for certain nightclubs, Liv and Story nightclub party package prices change weekly depending on the nightclub and the club event.

Please fill out our Contact Page below for the party package prices and more information. Or Ph: +1 305 458-3795 or Email:

If you have a bigger budget you may want to go for the nightclub VIP table bottle service option at the nightclub. With bottle service you will have to order a required amount of bottles which depend on the club event and the amount of girls and guys in your group. We will get bottle service bottle minimum quotes for your group and make your reservations. Typically at most nightclubs a group of 3 girls 3 guys would be at least $1500 plus tax and tip. Bottle minimum spends depend on the nightclub event, amount of people in the group and the guy/girl ratio.

We will give you the all the pricing options and you can decide which choice is best for your group. When you contact VIP South Beach we will need to know the number of guys and girls in your party and number of nights you would like to use our VIP Services. It does not matter if you are a couple or 20 or more people in your party we offer our VIP services to groups of all sizes.

Contact Us Today: Fill out our Contact Form below or +1 305 458-3795 or Email:

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